Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Above The Ground Swimming Pools

Getting the right above the ground portable swimming pool is a pretty confusing task. A whole lot of portable swimming pools are available to you and as a beginner it may become complex to know about and decide on so many choices and such odd terminology. However, a little bit of research into portable above the ground swimming pools will make this task much simple.

The first thing to know is that above ground pools come in two shapes; round and oval. These shapes are available in a number of sizes. Popular sizes are the 24 feet round pool and 21 ft oval. These are conventional sizes fit for backyards. However, if you desire to shed that extra cash you can opt for up t0 41 ft.

Deciding an ideal location for an above-the-ground pool is important.
Any swimming pool should get at least 6-8 hours of sun during the summer.
The location should, moreover, be flat, unobstructed, and devoid of nearby trees. Trees are hazards because dropping leaves can contaminate water.
Most above the ground swimming pools are made of steel or plastic.
Steel is traditional but prone to rust.
Resins are corrosion free, however, are costly.
The choice is, however, yours on how much you would want to spend.

A vinyl liner is another important aspect.
A large selection of patterns is available, ranging from simple blue to elaborate tiled motifs and tropical reefs.
Liners typically wrap over the top of a pool wall and cling to the outside of the pool.
Beaded liners are also available that can be folded into a thin receiving strip just under the top rail on the inside of the pool and eliminate the overlap.

You should also check out the water filtration system.
Any filtration system comes with a pump matched to the size of the pool to give dependable service.
Standard above the ground swimming pools work well with the 1 hp. pump and motor combination.
Small to mid-size above ground pools can be sufficed with a quarter of hp units

Author: Aniban Bhatcharya

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